Organizational Summary

Temple Israel Foundation
208 West 8th Street
Leadville, CO 80461

William A. Korn, President
Adrienne C. Yauk, Secretary

Telephone: 719-486-3625
Fax: 719-486-3399

The Temple Israel Foundation was incorporated in the State of Colorado in April, 1987, and has been accorded Section 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service effective August 19, 1987.


          This web site is the result of research into the history of the Jewish community in Leadville, Colorado.  The investigations were begun to both satisfy curiosity and to provide the documentary support needed for grant applications as part of the Temple Israel restoration project.  Through, the Foundation hopes to present the results of these efforts to those who may find some interest in them.  Because the volunteers who perform the research are constrained by other obligations, it is likely that this will be a long term process and the site will grow apace.
          The research has followed three paths with overlapping protagonists.  Establishing the original condition and history of the Temple Israel building has been a necessary condition for the successful restoration of the structure.  Properly documenting the Hebrew Cemetery has likewise been crucial to its revitalization.  Additionally, the Foundation has received requests for genealogical information which has led to research in that area.  The web site follows the three paths in its structure with areas dedicated to the Temple Israel, the Hebrew Cemetery, and to biographical and anecdotal data. 
          The Foundation is available to respond to questions and comments and it encourages inquiries into the legacy of Jewish Leadville.